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Questo sito/blog nasce per sopperire alla mancanza di risorse online sul forex trading. Anni fa quando fu pensato e creato, l'autore cercava online notizie su come investire nel forex e lamentò la mancaza di fonti in particolar modo in lingua italiana. E dato che il mercato delle valute o forex si affermava sempre di più come una delle migliori opportunità di business online ecco l'idea di raccogliere tutto in questo blog! Buon trading! Continua »


elliot-wave-basic-diagramFibonacci constants The Fibonacci theory named so after a prominent Italian mathematician of the late twelfth and early thirteenth centuries gives ratios, which play important role in the forecasting of market movements. Fibonacci introduced an additive numerical series that has come to be called the Fibonacci sequence, which consists of following series of numbers: 1,... Continua »

swiss-franc-underlying-price-9-days-moving-average-chartsThe quantitative, or mathematical tools for the technical analysis called the technical indicators are being obtained as a result of the mathematical processing of prices averaged in time as well as other characteristics of market movements. They are applied to get signals for an additional evaluation of trade channels and patterns analysis by means of... Continua »

japanese-yen-common-gaps-filling-chartGaps in the technical analysis are named interruptions between close and open prices visualized in bar charts and candlesticks charts. Such a way, an opening outside the previous day’s or other period’s range generates a price gap. There are four types of gaps: common, breakaway, runaway, and exhaustion. It is commonly believed that “Gaps must... Continua »

bear-flag-formation-diagramsTechnical analysis provides charts that reinforce the current trends. These chart formations are known as continuation patterns. They consist of fairly short consolidation periods. The breakouts occur in the same direction as the original trend. The most important continuation patterns are: Flags. Pennants. Triangles. Wedges. Rectangles. Flags. The flag formation provides signals for direction and... Continua »

typical-head-and-shoulders-pattern-diagramIndependent, which time unit, is applied price movement charts form different kinds of periodically repeating equal patterns. Some of those patterns always occur on charts before the trend reversal when the volume is significantly decreasing or increasing. Such formations known as reversal patterns are considered below. Head-And-Shoulders. The head-and-shoulders pattern is one of the most... Continua »

swiss-franc-bullish-trade-channel-plotted-chartThe trendline A trendline is a main initial element for the price chart analysis. While the market moves in any direction not along a straight line but along a zigzag, the mutual placement of upper and bottom points of those zigzags permits to plot a line connecting the significant highs (peaks) or the significant lows... Continua »

swiss-franc-line-chartKinds of prices and time units. Charts for the technical analysis are being constructed in coordinates “price (the vertical axis) – time (the horizontal axis)”. The following kinds of currency prices represented on charts are being distinguished on Forex: open – a price at the beginning of a trade period (year, month, day, week, hour,... Continua »

japanese-yen-bullish-trend-exempleTechnical analysis is being used for the prediction of market movements (that is alterations in currencies prices, volumes and open interests) outgoing from the information obtained for the past. The main instruments of the technical analysis are different kinds of charts, which represent currencies price change during a certain time preceding exchange deals, as well... Continua »

Financial factors are vital to fundamental analysis. Changes in a government’s monetary or fiscal policies are bound to generate changes in the economy, and these will be reflected in the exchange rates. Financial factors should be triggered only by economic factors. When governments focus on different aspects of the economy or have additional international responsibilities,... Continua »

us-unemployment-rateFor the fundamental analysis on Forex, just as on any goods market, traders use the information from analytical reviews of specialists published in newspapers as well as charts and tables of many numerical indicators serving this purpose. All fundamental indicators generally released on a monthly basis, except of the Gross Domestic Product and the Employment... Continua »