Perché - il forex per tutti?

forex trading

Uno degli avance che continuamente ci porta l'evoluzione delle nuove tecnologie è senza dubbio l'espansione della possibilità di creare commercio in un modo sempre nuovo e affascinante. Oggi si ha accesso a tutti i mercati del mondo con una facilità disarmante e insieme il grandissimo volume di transazioni e una liquidità estrema fanno del forex una delle migliori opportunità di business online. Continua »



For the fundamental analysis on Forex, just as on any goods market, traders use the information from analytical reviews of specialists published in newspapers as well as charts and tables of many numerical indicators serving this purpose. All fundamental indicators generally released on a monthly basis, except of the Gross Domestic Product and the Employment Continua »

Two types of analysis are used for the market movements forecasting: fundamental, and technical (the chart study of past behavior of currencies prices). The fundamental one focuses on the theoretical models of exchange rate determination and on the major economic factors and their likelihood of affecting the foreign exchange rates. Theories of exchange rate determination Continua »

Trading with brokers. Foreign exchange brokers, unlike equity brokers, do not take positions for themselves; they only service banks. Their roles are to bring together buyers and sellers in the market, to optimize the price they show to their customers and quickly, accurately, and faithfully executing the traders’ orders. The majority of the foreign exchange Continua »

The U.S. Dollar. The United States dollar is the world’s main currency – an universal measure to evaluate any other currency traded on Forex. All currencies are generally quoted in U.S. dollar terms. Under conditions of international economic and political unrest, the U.S. dollar is the main safe-haven currency, which was proven particularly well during Continua »

Spot Market. Currency spot trading is the most popular foreign currenc y instrument around the world, making up 37 percent of the total activity (See Figure 3.1). The features of the fast-paced spot market are high volatility and quick profits (as well losses). Figure 1.2. Market share of US spot trading (in % of the Continua »

As it was mentioned above the trading on the Forex is essentially risk-bearing. By the evaluation of the grade of a possible risk accounted should be the following kinds of it: exchange rate risk, interest rate risk, and credit risk, country risk. Exchange rate risk. Exchange rate risk is the effect of the continuous shift Continua »

Forex – What is it? The international currency market Forex is a special kind of the world financial market. Trader’s purpose on the Forex to get profit as the result of foreign currencies purchase and sale. The exchange rates of all currencies being in the market turnover are permanently changing under the action of the Continua »

Contents 1.Common knowledge about the trading on Forex 1.1. Forex as a part af the global financial market Brief data about the Forex rise and development. The factors caused Foreign Exchange Volume Growth on Forex (Exchange Rate Volatility, Business Internationalization, Increasing of Traders’ Sophistication, Developments in Telecommunications, Computer And Programming Development). The role of the Continua »